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Continuum Movement®

Continuum Movement® is a unique and profound embodiment practice that uses breath, sound, movement and deep listening as an entry way into the ever changing waters of our inner ocean.

Our body’s fluid system – blood, cerebrospinal fluid, the lymph system, the fluid of the brain and viscera, down to the cellular fluid – is in constant rapport with the fluids of the planet and cosmos.

Diving into the depths of our watery world allows us time to slow down and turn our attention inward. Riding the waves of sensation, we begin to soften our inhibitors, the internal clenching that keeps us stuck in a dense reality, and move into a place of more space and connectivity. As we soften we expand our capacity for healing and become more receptive beings.

Continuum Movement® taught me to trust my body’s intelligence. In the many stages of my journey I connected with the perpetual inhale that kept me frozen in trauma. As I followed the cues and ripples that bubbled up within me, I began to feel the layers of my nervous system unraveling and reorganizing. My breath began to soften more and more with every dive. Then there was a very distinct moment where I felt my diaphragm morphing into a jellyfish.This glorious feeling of expansion and effortless breathing in and out softened every aspect of my being. My body was breathing me. I felt more aquatic than human, yet ironically more grounded.

My connection to myself as well as my surroundings deepened as my inner well filled with nourishment, peace and love. I’m forever grateful.

I offer both private sessions and group classes.

About Continuum

For a brief, beautiful introduction to Continuum Movement®
please watch this video.

Continuum Movement® is a dynamic inquiry into what it is to be a human being, providing a somatic experiential method to consciously explore yourself as an unfolding biological and planetary process.

Read more on the website of Continuum Movement®.

Continuum was founded by Emilie Conrad who lived from 1934 to 2014, based in Los Angeles, California. She is considered a visionary whose work is incorporated by an international audience of professionals from fields such as Rolfing, Zero Balancing, Hellerwork, CranioSacral, Osteopathy, Physical Therapy, Dance, Psychoneuroimmunology, and Physical Fitness.
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