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Welcome to BodyGrace of Sedona -

Your Home for Therapeutic Bodywork and Continuum Movement®

Come enjoy personalized sessions integrating therapeutic bodywork and pampering care through the hands of a well-trained and experienced therapist in a tranquil and soothing environment.

A variety of sessions, from various modalities of bodywork, such as structural bodywork, therapeutic massage, somatic bodywork, or a custom treatment designed just for you.

Bodygrace is delighted to offer Continuum Movement®, a revolutionary embodiment practice that uses breath, sound and movement to stimulate the fluid system of the body, a primary element for healing. Following the stirrings and undulations of our inner landscape and being present with what is, we expand our capacity to heal and thrive. 

Experience the sounds, movements and waves, resonating within your whole being.

Continuum Movement® is truly moving medicine for the body, mind, and soul.

Release, heal and get nourished... in beautiful Sedona, Arizona.
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Full Moon in Sedona, by John Rodger
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About Us

Lara Michele

Lara Michele, highly trained and experienced therapeutic massage therapist and structural bodyworker.

It is a great joy for me
to see my clients benefit from the skills, dedication and passion
I bring to the table.

I look forward to providing you with a nurturing and safe environment where your deepest healing and relaxation can take place.

My insatiable curiosity and passion for expanding my understanding of the human body and spirit has brought me many opportunities for growth, both personally and professionally.

I have been a professional massage therapist/bodyworker since 2000 and have treated thousands of clients from around the world. With over two decades of hands-on experience, I’ve learned to listen to the body directly through the language of breath, fluid, movement, and connective tissue. My focus and interest is working with people not only on the physical level with injury and postural imbalances, but also with trauma and emotion that is so often stored in the cellular memory of the body. How does one’s soul reside in the body, and how do we find embodied peace? This has been my life’s inquiry.

At an early age I was introduced to the world of moving arts by my mother who was a dancer, fitness choreographer, aerobics and yoga teacher, and mini triathlete. I studied various forms of yoga, dance (ballet and belly dance), theatrical and improvisational theatre, and Vipassana meditation. My love for music and singing resulted in many years of training with several vocal coaches.


My bodywork training began in 1999 at the Institute of Conscious Bodywork in Northern California. I graduated from a program that integrated therapeutic massage, structural bodywork, and energy work. Since then I’ve studied with many great teachers such as: Layna Cirelli, Structural Integration therapist and dancer; John Barnes, PT, Myofascial Release; Hugh Gilbert, PT, author and creator of Kinetic Chain Release; the Barral Institute, Visceral Manual Therapy; Upledger Institute, Cranial Sacral Therapy, as well as many other wonderful teachers in various therapeutic modalities.


Like so many of us, my life has been an interesting journey of challenges and blessings. I have survived several spinal injuries, two head injuries, as well as emotional trauma. While dealing with unresolved physical and emotional pain, and not understanding the connection between the two, I looked to the healing arts and my body for answers. Turning my attention inward I heard the beckoning of the inner ocean that lives within me, guiding me to health through micro movements, pausing, and breath. This bio intelligence of my fluid system has been my most potent teacher.


In 2013 I met Emilie Conrad, somatic pioneer, author and founder of Continuum Movement®. Her wisdom and charisma penetrated every cell in my being, and I knew I had found my teacher and community. Though I met Emilie near the final months of her life, my time with her was deeply profound and life changing. The next several years I absorbed as much Continuum as possible, traveling to many locations to work with several teachers. By October 2018 I completed the Continuum Movement® Teachers Training in Florida, led by Donnalea Van Vleet Goelz, together with many teachers such as Don Van Vleet, Teri Carter and Judyth Weaver, to name a few.
It is with great joy that I share this wonderful body of work with my community and beyond.


Originally from California, I am a resident of Sedona, Arizona, where I maintain my private practice.

"I am a physician trained in Holistic Medicine and have had many types of bodywork,
and Lara's style and techniques from integrated methods are the most effective I have experienced."

– John M Moti, MD, Sedona, AZ

“Whether you're on the path of bringing your body back into harmony, or needing the comfort of soothing touch,
I look forward to treating you to a special moment in time.”

– Lara


Contact Lara

To book your reservation and for further information please contact

Lara Michele


All sessions are by appointment only.
Cash, checks and MasterCard/Visa.

Treat a loved one to a special experience,
with gift certificates!
Lara Michele, passionate about bodywork and therapeutic massage therapy
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